415/302-5834 º jeff{at}jeffreichenberg{dot}com º
General: UI engineering and frameworks, website performance optimization, cross-department collaboration, team management, software development lifecycle, interaction design, search engine optimization
Programming: JavaScript, AJAX, CSS, Yahoo YUI Library, Spring MVC, Struts, Tiles, Java, JSP, HTML, DOM, HTTP, Freemarker, JQuery, XML, Servlets, PHP, SVG
Tools: IntelliJ Idea, Eclipse, Emacs, Perforce, CVS, Tomcat, Bugzilla, Apache HTTP Server, Toad, WebLogic, Charles Proxy, Firebug, Selenium, TestNg
CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT IN GIS Foothill College, Palo Alto º 8/2005
MASTER OF URBAN PLANNING University of Washington, Seattle º 7/1997
BACHELOR OF ARTS, HISTORY University of California, Santa Cruz º 3/1993
International Program in City Planning Arizona State University Study Tour, Europe º 8/1993
"Visualization Toolbox" InfoTEXT, American Planning Association Information Technology Division Magazine º 3/1998
Tau Sigma Delta, National Honor Society for Architecture and Allied Arts º 5/1997
Washington State Honor Award, American Planning Association, "Youth Planning" Graduate Student Project º 7/1996
Statewide Scholar, Washington State American Planning Association º 6/1996
Honors in the History Major, University of California, Santa Cruz º 6/1993
Hotwire Group, Expedia, Inc. (San Francisco, CA), August 2006 - present
Company Focus: consumer travel web applications
Architectural ownership and coding of presentation layer frameworks that integrate client side and server side technologies using object-oriented JavaScript, AJAX, CSS3, HTML5, JSP, Tiles, Spring MVC, and Struts. Support developers directly and indirectly through documentation and reference implementations.
Work with business owners and leaders of UX, Software Engineering, SEO, Operations, and Merchandising teams to refine requirements, estimate projects, and ensure maintainability in the user interface engineering of, Hotwire international, and associated administration web applications.
Technical lead and final point of escalation for the UI Engineering team. Set training goals and review software designs and code for 6 local and 7 offshore (Kiev, Ukraine) UI Engineers. Represent UI Engineering within the wider Software Engineering team. Support monthly major product releases.
Designed, built and maintain AJAX framework integrated into the server-side presentation layer. Reduced the complexity of AJAX programming by providing a simple interface to re-render a given module without the need for additional programming.
Implemented developer productivity improvements including creation of an object-oriented JavaScript and CSS component framework integrated into the server-side component architecture. Introduced automated tools such as source control triggers for checking code style (jslint), generating API documentation (JsDoc), and flagging “dead” files, CSS selectors, and JavaScript functions that may impede performance and/or future refactoring. Devised and developed a set of reference implementations of core UI components for training, troubleshooting and testing.
Owner of strategic transition from Struts to Spring MVC as Hotwire’s core presentation layer framework. Lead integration of existing Tiles 2 view composition framework into Spring MVC, including Ajax framework, OO JavaScript tie-ins, and client side validation.
Championed performance best practices. Elevated the discussion of performance issues from an operations-centered concern about “page weight” and bandwidth to a company-wide commitment to a high-performance user experience. Introduced automated performance monitoring through Gomez and ShowSlow. Worked with operations, product and other teams to drive performance goals. Optimized performance by asynchronously loading JavaScript and CSS at the framework level, minifying and concatenating JavaScript and CSS while retaining the ability to debug in development, and improving cache utilization of static resources.
Model N, inc. º South San Francisco º 10/2000 - present
Company Focus: suite of enterprise web applications for contract management
Technical lead (and later manager) of a strategic team of 5 user experience engineers, researchers, and designers. The User Experience team was responsible for company-wide UI framework engineering and interactive design. Periodically supervised offshore contractors, including in-person visits to India.
Develop UI component framework using Java, XML, JSP, JavaScript and CSS. Directly responsible for UI framework package of 1,000 Java classes and associated source code. Shipped eight major releases of the product. Support 30 application developers and 40+ implementation engineers on codebase of 14,500 Java classes and associated source code on three shipping product versions.
Lead user experience initiatives for new modules, including customer visits, structured usability testing, prototype development, functional specification review, and developer training.
Built "Client Refresh" AJAX API allowing developers to easily target any portion of the screen to be updated on-the-fly without a full page render.
RedLadder, inc. º San Francisco º 1/2000 - 10/2000
Company Focus: web application for the construction bidding process
Led UI programming effort on top of JSP-based UI framework
Developed functional specifications, test plans, and release criteria with product management, design, and QA teams
Square One Productions º San Francisco º 8/1997 - 12/1999
Company Focus: visual simulation and analysis of urban development proposals
Constructed visual simulations and site maps of urban development proposals for environmental review, marketing, and comparison of alternatives
Managed production staff and technical aspects of client relations
Presented seminars on visual communication tools for city planning including web development, photosimulation, real-time 3D, and animation
Self-Employed º San Francisco, Seattle, and New York º 9/1996 - 3/1999
Company Focus: planning support systems using 3d, gis, and web development
Dames and Moore Group, Fourth Dimension Interactive º San Francisco
Created real-time 3D/VRML component of facilities management application prototype for San Francisco International Airport
Environmental Simulation Center º New York
Developed proof-of-concept project for 3D GIS system using MultiGen Creator and ESRI ArcView
City of Seattle, Seattle Design Commission º Seattle
Conceived, produced, and facilitated the use of 3D/VRML models of Seattle's Pike Street in city-sponsored urban planning forum
On the Ground Magazine º Seattle
Produced online version and edited features about technology in planning
gruzen samton architects and planners º New York º 6/1996 - 9/1996
Company Focus: architecture and planning firm
Implemented facilities inventory and utilization analysis of Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY